Deadline: November 25th, 11:59 PM PST

In this assignment, you will be the master of heap and use heap to get the flags.

There are two waves in this assignment. The first one is regarding tcache, and the second one is regarding the other bins.

The challenges are at Similar to Babykey in Assignment 2, your goal is to get the flag and submit to the website.

The first wave of the challenges is already available. The second wave will be released soon. The second wave is available!

Score Calculation

Wave 1 contains 5 levels. Each level contains 1 teaching challenge and 1 testing challenge. Wave 2 contains 4 levels, and each level contains 1 teaching and 1 testing challenge.

In this assignment, both teaching and testing challenges will be scored. Each teaching challenge is 1 point, and testing challenge is 2 points. The total score is 25, yet you can get 27 (= 3 points * 9 levels) / 25 in maximum. Try your best to get as much you can!


If you have any questions, please contact the CSE545 Staff via Slack #assignment4-questions