Deadline: April 9, 11:59 PM Phoenix Time

In this assignment, you will create diverse format strings to get the flags, which is located at /flag and in the format of pwn_college{}

Score Calculation

This assignment contains 8 levels. Each testing challenge is 1.5 points. The full score is 10 points, yet you can get 12 points in maximum, and that additional 2 points will be your bonus that will help boost yourself to A+. The score will be normalized based on the proportion of each assignment for the final grade. Try your best to get as much you can!


If you have any questions, please contact the CSE545 Staff via Discord channel #general under category assignment2. Iyou have any challenge-specific questions, please shoot a message to #challenge* under category assignment2.

We will stop responding questions from April 7th 5pm